Collimare® Engineering Services:

For more than 30 years, Howard C Thomas, the founder of Collimare®, has been designing state of the art, yet “simple”, collimator designs used throughout the world by leading diagnostic imaging manufacturers. Just to name a few:

  • GE/OEC® Uroview 2800 (Square Field Collimator)
  • Liebel-Flarsheim® Hydra Vision® (Square Field & Iris Collimator)
  • Medtronic O-ARM® System (Compact Square Field Collimator)
  • Quantum  Medical (Manual Collimator)

In some cases very difficult constraints had to be overcome with innovative, yet simple, designs. We can work with your written project specifications, as well as CAD/Mechanical Solids, to design and construct prototypes in-house, utilizing our own CNC and fabrication equipment. With years of experience solving some of the most difficult collimator design requirements, coupled with in-house capabilities, Collimare® can significantly reduce the time and expense required to implement a new collimator design or application.

Collimare® is a dynamic, quality driven, manufacturing and engineering company that can provide practical solutions to your specific collimator design requirements from concept to production.

Tired of one size fits all approach to your collimator applications? Bring us your collimator requirements and let Collimare® tailor one of our existing products, or design a new collimator, to meet your specific needs.

Collimare® can provide design, proof of concept, cost analysis/reduction, second source supply, prototype, short run, and full production services.

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